Facts & Figures about Wiener Jugendzentren

The Association of Viennese Youth Centres is a Non-Governmental Organisation, but mainly supported financially by the municipality of Vienna. The main part of the annual budget is decided year by year by the Vienna City Council.

The Association employs app. 300 persons (about 100 fulltime), most of them as youth-workers directly in the field. Therefore it is one of the main employers in social work in Vienna.

The range of activities is:

Open youth work in youth-centres and youth clubs

Detached youth work

Training courses, especially in creativity (drama, dance, music)


Organising events, especially in the fields of music and sport

Special programs during holiday seasons, such as camps and international exchanges


Target group of the Association is youngsters in the age from 6-21. Depending on the needs of the surroundings there is often a difference in the main focus of the project. Usually we define "Children" (0-9) "Juniors" (10-14), "Youth" (15-19), "Young Adults" (20-24). Some centre provide also offers for adults, community centres are specialized on adults.

Every participation on every activity is on a voluntary basis!

The activities are mainly developed and planned by the structures directly situated in the field. The main office takes care about financial questions, supervising, monitoring and trainings for employees.

Currently the Association runs:

26 youth centres and youth clubs (smaller centres, with a great extend of outreach youth work

6 units of detached youth work

6 Seasonal units for public park animation

1 centre for fine arts

4 „spacelab" job training centres

CU tv (Youth TV proramme)

5 local youth parliaments

In the year 2014 there were 701.585 „contacts" wirh the target groups
10.940 e-contacts via sozial networks


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